Monday, November 26, 2012

What's on my Bedside Table?

One of the blogs I follow MAKE me UP did a blog post like this and I really liked it. So I decided to create my own version! So Voila! At the moment there is an odd theme going on... but it wasn't on purpose lol 

Sanctuary Youth Boosting Night Concentrate 
This is the first Sanctuary Spa Essentials product I have ever tried and to be honest I really didn't know what to expect, I saw it on 3 for 2 in Boots and decided to give it a go, and was really pleasantly surprised, It has a very distinct scent that is half fruity half herbally. I really like it. and I have noticed my skin feels a lot softer and smoother in the morning. 

Soap For Glory Body Butter

This was another item I chose as part of the 3 for 2 offer in boots. My sister had this before and i loved the smell. So sweet, So I decided to buy a travel size pot and see how i get on. Its definitely very rich and moisturisng. However it is very heavily perfumed so if that is not your thing, then I would advise you to steer clear.

Sanctuary's Radiance Exfoliator
This is properly the odd one out of the list but I don't care it was the 3rd part of my 3 for 2 deal, I think this is a lovely product when i opened it i was shocked by the colour of the product its brown. but i think that adds to it. it has a lovely lemony apricot smell, It says to use every 2 to 3 days but because of the smell I want to use it more lol! 

Ponds Cold Cleansing Cream 
I picked this one up on a whim my Garnier rose cleanser had just run out and I was in the pharmacy pondering which cleanser to get I don't like gels at all or ones that need to be rinsed off. I like one I can apply with a cotton wool and get all my make up off.. This cleanser is kind of a cross between the two and it smells quite florally, the pack says you can use with cotton wool or for best results rinse it off... I have tried rinsing it off and not rinsing it off and just using my toner. If you don't rinse off or use a toner it leaves the skin feeling a bit sticky. so you definitely need to combine this with a toner at least. 

Garnier Rose Toner
I bought the Garnier rose toner about 2 months ago and its now half full and I think it works great especially with my ponds cleanser cream which I like to use with cotton wool rather than rinsing off all the time. so this one is handy to remove any excess cream that's not absorbed. I think its hard to go wrong with toners really I have used the boots essential Cucumber toner and Essence's blackcurrant toner and they have all been pretty similar except for the scents. 

Nivea Radiance boosting Eye Cream 

Lastly I am using Nivea Radiance boosting Eye Cream, it comes in a pretty pink tube. I think its good for moisturizing  but it does leave a bit of a shimmer after you use it, So if you don't like that I would avoid it. I personally think if you want a good eye cream you need to pay a good price, and at the moment i am not overly concerned about my eyes so I am happy to stick with nivea but perhaps in a few years time i will start buying into more expensive eye creams. 

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