Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Soap, Yay or Nay?

Soaps or Handwashes? Awhile back when Lush first opened me and my boyfriend went in and obviously the first thing that struck us, was all the scents, Oh my god it felt like our noses were having a fiesta, we were like sniffer dogs, sniffing out the best scent, and obviously we couldn't resist buying something and the thing that caught my eye was this really brightly coloured soap called Angel Delight, probably the most unnatural thing in the shop lol! But I had to have it. 

I brought it home and we started using it and in the beginning it was great, it smelled good looked good, but as there are only two people living in our apartment, soaps tend to last us a long time.... So after a month of having it i was cleaning the apartment and I noticed that the soap was starting to become a bit soggy and the colour was coming off on to my soap bowl. Then i had no choice but to throw it out. :( and after that I was sworn off, Hand Soaps and was never really enticed by Lush again to be honest. 
So ever since then we have been using hand washes such as Dove, and various other fruity ones, like most recently raspberry scented Hand washes. 

But anyway this week our Raspberry scented Handwash ran out and I headed to boots and quite frankly I was all set to buy the Soap and Glory Hand wash I knew the price was steep €6.90 but it was on 3 for 2 so I thought maybe I would pick two other things out. Actuially they have a Handwash/Hand Lotion Giftset half price now. €6.50 for the two is a real bargain... but I already have the Soap and Glory Hand Food... 

But when I got into boots I was overwhelmed by the huge selection of Hand washes and was strangely attracted to Boots's own Lavender Handwash. 

I have never used Lavender anything for as long as I can remember because I guess its traditionally associated with older people.... But not to long ago I read a blog about Lavender body lotion and I become interested in revisiting Lavender this overlooked scent. So I got it home and guess what I can't stop washing my hands. 

Maybe my nose is maturing? 

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