Wednesday, January 16, 2013

End of an era, Thank God

My Internship is coming to an end in exactly half a month. I honestly don't know how i feel, for the most part I enjoyed the internship. I think I got a glimpse into the real world and realised that in life, that most people just don't care about others at all. Its sad but true. 

Some people I met were lovely, some people appeared lovely, and some people just put on lovely. I don't know where I fit in within all this loveliness, But I hope I am not artificial. But I have to say the whole experience has really opened up my eyes, I now know what type of person I definitely don't want to become. I hope in the future as my career develops I will always maintain my kindness and caring attitude towards people (especially those who deserve it) 

Regardless of any mixed feelings I have towards the internship I do feel like I learnt a lot and am maybe more alert and aware than I used to be. I think in the future I would prefer to work in a larger organization that has less in office politics because to be honest that can really get you down.

Anyway all the stress of the termination of the internship and pressure to move on to my next path has caused a breakout. Not Fun at all, So I am tackling it with my old reliable SudoCream, Clearasil Overnight Lotion, Australian Body care On the Spot Roll on and Australian Body-care Face Wash. So fingers crossed I will be back to normal in no time. 

But at the moment I am borderline considering buying the Proactiv 4 Piece Anti Blemish Kit. Gabriella Ellis from Made in Chelsea is the new Brand Ambassador, I love Made in Chelsea but not necessarily her, I think if Millie or Binky was using it, It would have more push power. 

What kind of spot treatments are you using?

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