Friday, November 23, 2012

Villains you can't help but love

My number one favourite Tv show at the moment is Once Upon A Time, Me and my boyfriend can't get enough of this show, its the only thing we want to see on a Monday night. We love hypothesizing what's going to happen next and what such and such mean... Really if you are not watching this you really need to start tuning in. This week there was no new episode and me and my boyfriend literally didn't know what to do with ourselves lol.

Our Favourite Villain in Once Upon a Time has got to be Rumplestlitskin AKA Mr Gold Allright dearry??
A Close second is Captain Cook 

I can't wait til these two characters are reunited in the show then there will be a huge showdown....

Another Tv show I am beyond obsessed with is Vampire Diaries and what would it be without its numerous villains!? The main one at the moment is Klaus :D
But bad things tend to happen to Villains in Vampire Diaries eventually....... like poor auld Alaric. He didn't last long as a villain

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