Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oops I put my foot in it!

Before I start, I don't have a foot fetish! Although I do have very ticklish feet haha, I don't like my feet to be touched, tickled, itched by anyone else other than myself, I just care about my feet, i like to paint my toe nails every now and again and wear flip flops, But even though we use our feet everyday I think our feet are the most ignored and neglected area of the body, Everyday we apply countless products to our face Day Cream, Cleansers, toners, and Night Cream (I'm using Cyclax Oil of Evening Primrose Night Cream) We go through the whole routine in the shower, body lotion, body butters, anti cellulite gels etc etc.

But our feet doesn't get a look in, I wanted to start giving my feet some well deserved I started browsing online and in all my local pharmacies and literally drew blanks absolutely everywhere, I tell a lie, I did find some pharmacies that sell Foot care products, like Green Angel but it would cost me 20 euro, Who knows it might be good Has anyone tried it? but it was way above my budget, Its on my wishlist though. .
But I literally didn't see anything other than that anywhere then I was in the 2 euro shop of all places and found a foot lotion Grace Cole CQ England "Make it Menthol" for 1.50 Cheap and Cheerful, It comes in a Yellow Tube, I seem to be attracted to Yellow things these days, my Cyclax night cream is yellow as well ! This lotion smells nice and minty with a touch of lemon. Its unusual but I like the smell, If you are looking for a thick foot lotion this is not for you though this one is quite runny, when you squeeze the tube a lot comes out, 

Make It Menthol Lemon and Mint by Grace Cole

It comes in a few other flavours like Lime and Mint, Mandarin and Mint and Rasberry and mint, I might try another one after this and see are they any different I imagine they would be the same except for the smell. But Regardless mint seems to be an underlying theme in footcare products in general all of them have mint/ peppermint/ Spearemint in some shape or form.

The Foot Factory Foot Scrub

The Foot Factory Foot Wash

I love the Foot Factory Packaging I bought both of these. But more about them later!

I am curious why do they use mint? Is it because it is the strongest thing to eradicate bad odors? Apparently it is not only an aromatic ingredient (mentha piperita and Mentha spicata) .that can soothe the senses and provide a nice scent, it also has some real skin benefits. It can soothe skin thats itching or infected, which means it can be used on mosquito bites. bees and wasps stings. 

Mint surprisingly is also helpful in treating inflamimations such as acne, Because it has a high content of salicylic acid. This acid is found naturally in mint is an active ingredient in many skin care products. The acid loosens up dead skin cells, allowing them to shed easier, thus it prevents pores from clogging up, resulting in fewer pimples and clearer skin

Mint can also be found in other products such as masks and cleansers. The french also have a mint drink called a Mint Diablo. Unfortunately Mint always seems to be in Aloe Veras shadow but don't overlook this little leaf. I forsee in the future a company coming along basing all their products around Mint. Minty body lotions, Minty Hand cream, Minty Deodrants the list goes on!

What do you think? Are you tempted by Mint? Have you tried any other Minty Products?

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