Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Magic Wand of Beauty

Lately I have picked up a bit of a cucumber obsession, So many of my recent cosmetic buys have been Cucumber related. Check out some of the recent buys

I love this Cleansing Lotion, Mine is nearly all gone, and I am definitely going to buy it again, I love that i can put it on to a cotton wool pad and it removes Foundation, Blusher, Powder etc. I find it better than the Yes to Carrots Cleanser I bought for almost 3 times the price.   

I have been using this and the Cleansing Lotion for around 2 months and I think it does a great job. It's the first Toner I ever tried so I am interested in comparing it to something else when this runs out. 
This was an impulse buy, when I bought it I thought it was a cleansing lotion like my boots one, but actually its a cleansing gel, I like to use it in the morning to Freshen up. I prefer a Cleansing Lotion at night time though. 
I had been looking for eye cream for ages, but they are all mega expensive so when I saw this one at 2.49 I couldn't resist, I use this generally in the morning. I don't know how effective it actually is, but it feels good and smells nice.
I just like the smell and feeling on my lips, It does seem to keep my lips nice and moist. 

So why Cucumbers? What are the benefits? My love of Cucumbers in general started the time I had Conjunctivitis, Anyone who has suffered from Conjunctivitis will know just how horrible and iritated your eyes feel, The only thing that I could get to calm my eyes were cucumbers, They were so soothing and really helped to counteract the feeling of itchiness.

But the benefits of Cucumbers go far beyond soothing itchy eyes, They also have numerious skin benefits, As cucumber and your skin have the same level of hydrogen, Cucumbers can easily mask all your problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time. You can find cucumber in so many different daily beauty products from Face packs, facials, juice and many other things which can affect your skin. Some people refer to the Cucumbers as a magic wand  for all your skin problems because of its cooling effect!

I would like to try a skincare routine based only on cucumber related products, Here is my wishlist

1. Dove Go Fresh Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Cucumber and Green Tea scent
2 Yes to Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel

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