Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You have to Fake it, to make it

I know there are a lot of people out there who swear by Fake tan, but I have never bought into the whole thing, mainly because I never really had to, My parents have been taking me away on continental holidays almost since I was born, So every year I always managed to get a natural sun tan, but in May I started my internship and found out that everyone in my office bar maybe one or two are obsessed with fake tan, They live, sleep dream it, So naturally or unnaturally as the case may be, I was sucked into the obsession.

On the 13th of July one of my friends from work invited me to go to the Irish St Tropez Spraycation in Swords and I got my first ever spray tan! We were very determined we ended up getting 2 buses to get there!

I am naturally a shy person, in certain situations, unusually not shy in front of men, but in front of girls i am extremely shy especially if i have to get undressed or change clothes infront of them which is weird because I shared a room with my sister all my life, and I never cared about getting changed if she was in or out of the room.  But with friends i feel so awkward.

Anyway before the spray tan I was stressing out to the max and almost thought I would cancel it, I genuinely didn't know what to expect other than obviously having to take off all my clothes I was worried it was going to be too dark, or I wasn't going to like it and I'd have to keep it for a week.
The last thing I wanted was to look like Katie Price's Victim Boyfriend apparently she got a tanning license recently so beware lol, The Daily mail described it as a radioactive hue. I laughed my ass off lol

But once it began I was grand, they gave me some paper knickers and I was able to get undressed behind a curtain and I went topless, and the whole thing was grand, all the anxieties were pointless.

The Tan lasted about a week and everyone told me it really suited me and so on. My boyfriend didn't like it, but I knew that was going to happen because Chinese people are more into becoming paler than darker, and one of my african friends said he couldn't see a difference thanks lol. I think he would go bananas if he knew how much the whole thing would cost,

I got a few free samples afterwards St Tropez Gradual Tan and St Tropez Wash off lotion which was cool, I don't know if I have been converted to a fake tan lover... but I'd definitely recommend at least trying Fake tan this summer, since your not going to see any sun this summer in Ireland... although today was unusually sunny, Maybe its the turning point of our summer....

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