Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scrub a dub dub

To be honest exfoliating is very low down on my list of things to do. Like I said I am lazy to use products that require me to wash my face apply the product and then wash off again. I tend to do it once a week and leave it at that.

So for my face I am using Nivea Young Wash & Refine Daily Scrub.

This product is quite strange, It doesn't lather up at all and it just smells like soap. I haven't really noticed any improvement in my skin so far. I don't think I will repurchase at the moment I am searching for a new facial scrub. I saw one Cucumber Facial scrub that i have my eyes on But I have to resist until this runs out....

I have been using 2 Body Scrubs these days Soap of Glory Breakfast Scrub when I'm at my family's house and Miss McCole Perfectly Polished Body Scrub at the appartment. 

I absolutely love this Body Scrub! It smells so yummy and I think it is the way a real Body scrub should be very gritty. I am strongly considering buying a smaller pot version for my appartment. 
I got this as a gift for Christmas from my brother, It came with a shower gel and bubble bath. and a body butter. The smell is quite floral, and the beads are very tiny. It is not a strong exfoliator, I personally just use it like a shower gel.  I think in future I want to stick to proper gritty scrubs.

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