Friday, October 5, 2012

10 Ways to Sabotage yourself at an interview

There are a lot of websites that give you interview do's, but not so many that talk about interview don't's. I read about the Debenhams survey that revealed the ultimate turn offs at interviews and what certain things mean. I don't know whether I can agree with all of them... but here is the list

Chipped nails - a certain sign that they are nervous or unprepared.

Chipped Nails was voted the ultimate no no and the biggest blunder of all because lets face it, literally the first thing you do when you enter an interview is shake hands... I suffer from chipped nail varnish all the time.not neccessarily because I'm nervous, but mainly because I don't buy top of the range expensive nail varnish like OPI, Sally Hansen etc. I don't know whats causing it. but I have found one product that I can't wait to try OPI Chip Skip
Have any of you tried it? Here are a few quick tips how to use it. 

1 Remove all nail polish and wash your hands thoroughly and dry off.
2 Apply Chip Skip to each nail.
3. Apply a Base Coat, then 2 coats of a nail polish of your choice
4. Apply a Top Coat

Smudged mascara signifies a party animal
This is something I suffer from occasionally when I wear Mascara mainly because I wear contact lenses and sometimes my eyes get watery so the best way to get over this is to use a waterproof mascara like  LANCOME DEFINICILS WATERPROOF MASCARA or  L'OREAL PARIS DOUBLE EXTEND WATERPROOF MASCARA

Fake tan suggests the applicant will be taking too many holidays.
I actually think the oposite, If someone is wearing fake tan, it means they probably would like to go on holidays but a fake tan is a cheaper alternative....but if you are worried about this I would suggest going for ST Tropez Natural range or the St Tropez Gradual Range which will give you a subtle tan but not too overbearing...

A slick of bright red lipstick, heavily pencilled brows  revealed an overconfident personality,
Like everything it should be applied with moderation and as Tim Gunn would say use it thoughtfully,

A shortage of mascara suggested the woman could be an emotional wreck who wastes no time in putting on what will inevitably be cried off within hours.

A trace of lipstick on a woman’s teeth could imply carelessness, while a strong line of foundation hinted at a lack of attention to detail. 

A drawn-on fake beauty spot could cause an interviewer to doubt the honesty of the candidate.
Split ends tell an employer the would-be recruit is lazy,

perfume revealed an overconfident personality,

a woman appearing in immaculate make-up could ring alarm bells - telling the interviewer to watch out for their own job.
There is no pleasing some people!!

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