Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Style spotting

Ever since I got a glimpse of Project Runway about 2 summers ago now, I have loved it and watched every single episode to date.my Favourite winner so far by miles is of course Mondo.

It's funny almost every season I fall for one designer this season, season 10 I loved Gunnar Deatherage, but now he's been eliminated so now I am rooting for Christopher Palu. I think Styled to Rock doesn't compare at all. I just hate the format, I guess I don't like change, I was so pissed off when ren got eliminated for something he didn't design and that the judges liked. I just thought it was so petty and never would of happened on Project Runway. 

I think I am starting to see a pattern I like designers who wear glasses lol, Probably because these days I have been forced to wear my glasses virtually everyday because of conjunctivitis, but I am on Antibiotic drops at the moment and hopefully am on the mend. 

Anyway I am sure you all know the Emmy's were on this week and here are some of my style picks.

Sofia Vergara

Julianne Hough

Hiedi Klum 
I know the Daily Mail has said she was exposing to much flesh but actually its normal for her remember this pic.
Its almost the same dress in red.... and the same amount of flesh, with her ex husband. 

Nina Dobrev stunning in red

Who were your fav's?

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